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AALS, the Alabama association for legal professionals is part of a professional tri-level association and nonprofit organization, placing  emphasis on education.  Affiliated with NALS, the association for legal  professionals, AALS and its’ local state chapters encourages all members to serve their  employers to the utmost of their ability and with the highest degree of  professionalism; to foster knowledge and instill confidence to effectively handle client relations; to stimulate a high order of  business and professional attainment; and to further their knowledge of the law and to uphold its honor and dignity.

Our membership is open to any persons employed in work of a legal  nature, including legal secretaries, legal assistants, paralegals, court personnel, law librarians, law office administrators, and even  attorneys and judges. We are a nonpartisan, nonunion, nonprofit  organization whose main objective is to further the education and  training of legal support staff to enhance the competencies of members  in the legal services profession


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